US Dollar may go down heading into FOMC minutes

Arnaud Masset -

Most currency pairs have been trading sideways so far this week as investors remained reluctant to choose sides between Dollar bears or bulls. Obviously against this backdrop of uncertainties, the Japanese Yen took the best of the situation and extended gains as it returned below the 111 threshold. Investors will… Read More »

Oil-linked FX gets a boost


Oil prices rallied to a one-month high as expectations increased ahead of EIA inventories reports. There are clear signs that U.S inventories have fallen from record high levels. WTI crude today has reached $51.50 in early European trading on tightening supplies speculation. Improving US consumer health has seen a deeper… Read More »

Swiss Franc as Safe Haven Currency

Joachim Corbach -

The Swiss Franc has always seen strong demand in times of elevated risk, be it market risk or geopolitical risk.And in the past it has probably been the number one “safe haven” currency, even ahead of the JPY and USD. While JPY and USD in risky times usually experience an… Read More »

Solar remains a bright spot for silver demand


Silver demand for solar panels is a growing segment of its industrial demand with record levels expected in 2018. Global silver demand for solar set to riseSilver’s unique reflective and conductive properties make it a key component in capturing and generating electricity through sunlight. The fastest growing industrial segment for… Read More »

Market Overview by eToro

Mati Greenspan -

The Jobs numbers on Friday were great! The headline number, 235 Thousand Jobs added in February far surpassed analysts estimates, but wage growth was a bit less than expected. Stocks on Wall Street managed to chug a green day out but ended up at a loss for the week, the… Read More »

Copper outlook 2017: eighth year of supply deficit

Nitesh Shah -

Copper is likely to enter another year of deficit, but stocks are still elevated and will cap price gains. While capex cuts have been aggressive, it will take time for supply to fall. Projects in pipeline are unlikely to be cancelled Investors optimisticCopper has rallied 40% since January 2016, erasing… Read More »

How to approach the currency market

Peter Rosenstreich -

  USD lagging yieldsUS equity markets wasted no time after the long weekend rallied to new record highs. The general optimism relies on the strong economic outlook. Fed speakers sounding increasingly hawkish, suggesting a steeper rate path but also US economic acceleration, which will support corporate earnings. Fed president Hackers… Read More »

ECB ‘rule bending’ to pressure the Euro

Martin Arnold -

Markets have repriced the Euro lower, as the chance for a populist Presidential win from Le Pen’s Front Nationale (FN) has increased in recent weeks. Politics repricing the EuroAnalysts have repriced consensus forecasts lower for the EUR/USD during 2017, as political uncertainty threatens to break-up the Eurozone. At the end… Read More »