Amundi Real Estate exceeds EUR 6.4 billion in real estate transactions in 2017


During 2017, Amundi Real Estate achieved a total volume of more than EUR 6.4 billion in transactions on behalf of the real estate funds and mandates it manages. Amundi Real Estate’s acquisitions/disposals increased by a third (33%) compared to 2016.

In 2017, Amundi Real Estate managed a total of 38 transactions representing almost 834,000 square metres (m2). While more than EUR 4.3 billion was invested in France, 28% of the acquisitions (by volume) were conducted outside France, in particular, in Germany and the Netherlands. The majority of these transactions were in commercial real estate assets, of which 94% in office property, 4% in retail and shopping centres and 1% in hotels.
As part of its active asset management policy, Amundi Real Estate also disposed of 36 assets for EUR 387 million.

Amundi Real Estate raised EUR 4.3 billion in 2017, bringing total assets to EUR 26.3 billion; the good momentum resulted in a significant volume of transactions in 2017, both in France and abroad.

2017 also saw consolidated growth of Opcimmo, Amundi Real Estate’s French property collective investment scheme, for retail investors. As the leading real estate investment fund in the French market in terms of assets managed and sales (source: IEIF, February 2018), it raised EUR 2 billion in 2017, fully invested to date, and now has a net capitalization of more than EUR 6.6 billion (at 31st January 2018). The choice of real estate investments mainly involved office buildings in the 2 current reference countries: France and Germany. In a context of strong demand for office property, Amundi Real Estate has a selective investment programme with strict quality requirements, in leading locations such as the “Coeur Défense” complex and the “Hekla Tower” both in La Défense, Paris or the “Rocket Tower” in Berlin.

On the institutional side, numerous “club deals” as well as major mandates and partnerships have been signed with new French and international clients.
Jean-Marc Coly, Chief Executive Officer of Amundi Real Estate, comments, “2017 was a great year! Thanks to the strength of its distribution partnerships, Amundi Real Estate participates in emblematic transactions in a context of increased competition and selectivity. The choice of investment is more than ever key to our success. Our main objective is to continue our dynamic strategy in the management of our real estate assets, and in 2018 this should continue to maintain the attractiveness of our assets.”