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REYL & Cie appoints Cédric Özazman as Head of Investments and Portfolio Management

Having worked as a senior member of the Bank’s Investments team for over five years, Cédric Özazman has now been appointed as Head of the Investments and Portfolio Management Department of REYL & Cie, reporting directly to François Reyl, CEO, and Lorenzo Rocco di Torrepadula, Partner in charge of Wealth Management in Switzerland. The Bank has separated the position of Chief Strategist, which will continue to be performed by François Savary, from that of Head of portfolio management for private clients. François Savary also manages the Bank’s Asset Services business line, intended for the institutional market and launched by REYL & Cie at the start of 2015.

Relying on an experienced team of nine professionals based in Geneva and Singapore, Cédric Özazman is specifically in charge of drawing up, supervising and implementing investment solutions aimed at private clients managed by the Bank on the basis of a discretionary or advisory mandate. This responsibility covers asset allocation, research, analysis, as well as the selection of individual securities and investment funds. “Our main role,” says Cédric Özazman, “is to optimise the return of our clients’ portfolios. Performance and risk management principles are at the heart of our activities. At the same time, it is also important for us to ensure that the recommended solutions comply with our clients’ objectives, their needs, as well as their investor profile, whether relating to their knowledge of financial products or their risk tolerance.”

Cédric Özazman joined REYL & Cie in April 2010 as a financial analyst responsible for European equities selection. He also assisted François Savary in drawing up the Bank’s investment strategies. Prior to this, he worked for eight years at KBL Swiss Private Banking in Geneva, first as a portfolio manager and then as Head of discretionary management.

Cédric Özazman has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Geneva (2001). He also holds a diploma in financial analysis (Chartered Financial Analyst, 2007).

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