Banor SICAV – Allfunds Bank


Retail distribution agreement signed for the Luxembourg investment company’s funds

Banor SICAV, a Luxembourg investment company (SICAV UCITS IV) specialising in harmonised funds, and Allfunds Bank, a leading international fund distribution company, have signed an agreement for the italian retail distribution of Banor’s funds. The funds are managed by Banor Capital Limited, an investment management firm based in London.

The agreement will give a large audience of investors access to Banor’s expertise, with the five Banor SICAV funds already available on the Allfunds retail platform. Allfunds will place them indirectly through banks and investment firms acting as sub-distributors.

Luxembourg-based Banor SICAV is an “Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities” (UCITS IV) with five high added-value segments. These focus on the world’s main geographical areas and share a value-based fundamental approach. They are:

  • Italy Long Short Equity (long-short fund with sector-based approach and a focus on Italy, with Luca Riboldi as investment adviser).
  • North America Long Short Equity (long-short fund focusing on the American market, with Eddie Ramsden as investment adviser).
  • Greater China Long Short Equity (long-short fund focusing on Greater China, with Dawid Krige as investment adviser).
  • Euro Bond Absolute Return (flexible bond fund with absolute return approach).
  • European Value (long-only equity fund focusing on evaluations and cash generation).

Banor SICAV funds are available through Ifigest Fundstore, Online SIM, IWBank, UBS (Italy), Credit Suisse (Italy) and Banor SIM.

“The partnership with Allfunds Bank”, commented Giacomo Mergoni, Banor Capital’s CEO, “is part of our international strategy for developing the retail sector. The aim is to distribute our alternative UCITS funds more broadly – products with an efficient risk/returns profile which until recently were only accessible to institutional clients”.

“Allfunds is proud to be able to offer Banor Sicav funds through our platform”, says Licia Megliani, Country Head Italy and Regional Manager Southern Europe & EEC, “because they testify to our Bank’s constant search for the best investment solutions for our clients”.